A research opportunity for Scottish families

gamePlease check out this research opportunity below – this study looks like a lot of fun and could be very informative. Movement patterns in autism are poorly understood and it is great that this Scottish research group are investigating this interesting area.

Research Study on Movement in Children with Autism: Participants 4-6 years old needed.

Movement differences are important in autism, but little is known about them. This study will measure movements using new sensorised toys that detect their movement, using a similar technology that’s in Apple’s iPhone.  These playful games will give information to better understand movement in autism and to help enable more responsive treatments in the future.

University_of_Strathclyde_new_logoVolunteers with 4-6 year old children with autism are needed. Recordings take about 30 minutes either in our studio at Strathclyde University in the centre of Glasgow, or we can come to your home in the wider Edinburgh-Glasgow region.  Appointments are available over March.

We welcome enquiries.  To volunteer or for more information, please email jonathan.delafield-butt@strath.ac.uk, or telephone Dr. Jonathan Delafield-Butt on 0141 444 8053.