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This library of app reviews is organised into albums of reviews by app function, and updated with new reviews regularly.  In addition the wheel below (last updated April 2015) summarises the most recommended reviewed apps by type. You can download the app wheel pdf with clickable links wheel April15In the albums below, click on each review image to see it in more detail or follow the ‘View More’ button to be taken to the developer’s site, or download page


AACORN, voice-output communicator

Game-changing AAC app which could revolutionise communication for children with a learning difficulty

AutisMate, voice-output communicator and social skills support

Social skills, communication and life skills all addressed in this ambitious app which remains to be formally evaluated.

AVAZ, voice-output communicator

One of the better AAC apps for autism, I reckon. And more affordable too. CORRECTION: also available for Android

Connect Cards

Really simple voice-output app with stages of communicative complexity

Grace, symbol communicator

Essentially PECS on a phone - recommended

iasku, symbol communicator

a communicator app based on PECS-principles for non-verbal or minimally-verbal children

MyWords, basic communicator

Really basic AAC starter where you create all the vocabulary from scratch. Might be good for testing the concept.

Piktoplus, voice-output communicator

clever idea for a personalised AAC app using avatars, but some flaws

SpeakAll, voice-output communicator

another basic AAC app, free in its simplest version with some research backing

Voice-output communicators

Comparative review of six different, best-selling, iPad-based AAC apps with voice-output functions

Voice 4 U Text to Speech

Simple free app to convert typed text into speech, could be really useful in a classroom context

Word Wheels, voice-output communicator

AAC app also reviewed in a group in this album of reviews. Not the best example of its kind.

Social Stories:

Kid in Story

build social stories, easily integrating photos of your child / client

Model Me Going Places

basic but well designed app for anyone new to social stories

Our Story

create a picture story and add your own text and audio with this great free book-maker app for all platforms


another story creator app with some beautiful tales loaded on already, good for kids to use themselves.


expensive but worth it, not just a social story maker but includes tutorials from the originator of this simple but effective approach to learning.

 Pre-School games


a great all rounder with loads of content addressing early education targets like number and letter recognition


Vehicle-based learning games to practice shape, colour and number recognition

Fairytale Mazes

Lots of fun in a game likely to appeal to kids with autism

Hippo seasons

lovely accessible app for fun and general knowledge about the world


another all round educational app which could well help develop some key skills from fine motor to memory and planning.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

by the very wonderful Duck Duck Moose, lovely nursery-rhyme based interactive scenes for loads of fun.


A fun cause and effect game for Android devices

Storybots tap and sing

fun and engaging app to help develop a love of nursery rhymes into musical creativity and skill

Thomas the Tank Engine game pack

fun games for a real Thomas fan

Toca Tea Party

lovely app from the marvellous Toca Boca, with attractive graphics and simple design, might promote imaginary play

Autism-specific apps

Camp Discovery

well designed autism specific learning games, but expensive to get full content

Green Day

tricky to use but might be an effective tool for committed ABA-ers

iHelp app range

An array of pre-school learning games, but very little content considering the prices charged.

Let's Be Social

Social stories + quizzes to learn basic, simplistic, social rules

Let's Make Friends (aka Pocket Playground)

A good attempt to teach friendship skills to young kids, but can these be taught in such a simple way?

Shanesh app range

These are poorly designed, cheap apps which seem to have little enjoyment or learning value

Touch Trainer

Basic cause-and-effect app, good for learning basic iPad skills, but overpriced for the content


Between the Lines

Three great apps, good value for money especially for multiple users, teaching about emotions in speech and body language

IAM autism expressions

emotion trainer app which needs further development

Learning to recognise emotions

Group review of a series of best-selling emotion trainer apps for the iPad.

Touch & Learn emotions

Another emotion learning app, great for testing out the genre

Language & Literacy

Actions in Video

super app for verb learning from video content

First Letters

basic but reasonably priced and fun word and letter learning

Little Red Riding Hood

award-winning interactive storybook app


promote engagement with reading and hold your child's favourite books in one place

My A-Z

great personalisable app for children learning their letters

For professionals and parents

Autism Apps

useful searchable list of autism-specific apps

Autism & Developmental Disorder Screening

an autism screening app. The delivery is OK but I have concerns about the entire concept of this.


Highly recommended interactive whiteboard for teachers

My Autism Day

Good example of a tracker app, for recording routines, behaviours etc, if that's what you're looking for.

Socially Speaking

An app to help therapists and parents develop a personal plan for a child with autism

Visual Schedules

Choice Board creator

Very simple app for making and communicating basic choices


simple but comprehensive app for scheduling and promoting independent skills

Choiceworks Calendar

A calendar version of the brilliant choiceworks schedule app

Nightlights: comparative review of four visual 'nightlight' apps

Amazing Stars at Night; Kiwi flashlight and nightlight; Baby nightlight HD; Kids Clock

Nighty Night

An interactive bedtime story to help with the sleep routine, especially turning the light off!

Visual schedules

A group review of five different apps which can all be used to build visual schedules for a user with autism

Relaxation and Sensory Play

Comparison of five self-soothing apps

Miracle Modus; Fluid; My Reef Lite; Reactickles Magic; Rainbow Circles

Cause and Effect Sensory Lightbox

It does what it says on the tin!

Fingerpaint Magic

simple sensory app to encourage artistic self-expression

Rainbow Circles

attractive, soothing research based app for self-regulation by people with autism

Reactickles Magic

beautiful and engaging sensory app designed with children with autism


A sensory interactive app to encourage self-expression

Learning games for primary (elementary) school


fantastic learning app for kids with autism with loads of content and games

Chirp! Bird songs of Britain

an interesting app for developing general knowledge about the natural world. (also available for other countries)

One Globe Kids

a way to learn about other cultures, good content but needs more of it!


Simple spelling app with engaging child's voice

The Human Body

Excellent, accurate and fun app for learning all about the body

Todo Telling Time

Lots of very lovely learnig games about time, clocks etc. by this great app developer

Sociable Games

Happy Geese

two board games with endless settings to help your child learn to play, and take turns, independently

Adult living skills

Brain in Hand

Everyday support for anxiety and stress

Counting Money

app to rehearse using American coins


a suite of apps to support daily life for adults with learning disability

How to Make Lifelong Friends

an e-book for adolescents / adults with guidance on making friends, but not recommended

Scanner Mini

turn your phone or iPad into a scanner as an easy to to keep records, or save interesting information

To Do lists

Group review of four great To-Do List apps for managing every day tasks


app for adults to help with personal budget management, coming soon to iPad too

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