Map of expertise

This embedded page shares one of the outcomes from the 2014 IMFAR special interest group on autism and technology, created in partnership with Prometheus Research based on an original model created by Katharina Spiel, at Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

The map allows anyone to find out about people working in the field of autism and technology – you can use it to browse by various topic categories (e.g. everyone working with iPads, all clinicians, or people working with adolescents on the spectrum) and geographically. The map is designed to facilitate partnerships and progress research and practice worldwide.

Details on how to add your info are at the bottom of this page.

If you want to make a new profile or if you are featured on the map, and want to update your details, follow this link to the ASDTech Map Admin Site. Here you can log-in or make a new account.  If you create a new account, you will authenticate via your chosen email address and receive a link to access the ‘backend’ where you can quickly and easily create your profile, which will be automatically added to the map.

Please note that the map relies on a pre-existing open access global database of cities. The database is not exhaustive – this means that some users will have to select the nearest city to their true base. We suggest that users clarify their precise location by including a weblink to their host institution.