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The Dos and Don’ts of PhD Supervision

Myself and Duncan Astle (he of the substantial intellect and even more substantial quiff) have been putting our minds to a series of blog posts, attempting to help the fledgling academic get to grips with some of their new professional duties. This week it is a real classic – how to supervise a PhD student. […]

Reviewer 2 is not your nemesis – how to revise and resubmit

This is my second post written with Duncan Astle, a colleague of exceptional integrity and thoughtfulness, ideally qualified for this particular piece. It is a follow-up to our previous joint post about peer-review. We now turn our attention to the response to reviewers. As with the role of reviewer, junior scientists submitting their work as […]

Advice for students (or, at least, for my students…)

Back in 2014 I wrote this blog post about managing your supervisor. The post was a way to consolidate some thoughts about my preferred supervision style.  Since then I have shared the link with every new student who comes to work with me and it has been hugely useful. Now, three years on, and with […]

Autistic person, or person with autism?

In a new(ish) paper (first published a year ago), Lorcan Kenny of the Centre for Research in Autism and Education asks “Which terms should be used to describe autism?“. The paper provides a much-needed empirical analysis of this question which has beset the autism community for years. Conflict over the appropriate terminology to describe both […]

Technology, child development and autism: part three, how does technology affect your health??

This is the third part in a mini-series of blog posts all aiming to address the big concerns that parents and practitioners tend to have about children using technology. The themes were derived from a series of discussions, but particularly a pair of workshops on technology and autism held in February 2016 as part of […]

Technology, child development and autism: part one, the horrors of ‘screentime’

In February 2016, together with my colleague Alyssa Alcorn, I held a couple of workshops at the University of Edinburgh as part of the annual Innovative Learning Week. The theme of ILW2016 was ‘Ideas in Play’.  So we decided so gather a bunch of people interested in technology and autism, give them some iPads and […]

Merry Christmas from DART…

…from everyone at DART!  We’ve had a wonderful year, but it’s been mega-busy!  I plan to be doing a major overhaul of the site in the new year and I’ll be posting then to let you all know about the changes and updated info.  Watch this space for simple downloadable fact sheets on using technology […]

My research, using the 1000 most commonly used English words

A while back I favourited a link on Twitter calling for researchers to describe their work using only the 100 most common English words, using this clever site. Today I’ve done just that, translating the home page of this site into accessible language.  It was really hard – there’s no “autism” of course, no “research“, […]