Early autism research – what do you think?

We would like to invite any and all members of the autism community to participate in an online survey to explore attitudes to research. We’re hoping to hear from autistic adults, parents of children with autism, clinical practitioners, teachers and anyone else who feels invested in this work.

In particular, we’re interested in early autism research. This is a sensitive topic and before you decide whether you’d like to complete the survey you should know about some of the issues we will be covering.  These include:

  • Brothers and sisters of children with autism have a higher likelihood of having similar problems.
  • The latest data indicate that about 18% (almost 1 in 5) of baby siblings of autistic children will go on to receive an autism diagnosis.
  • We don’t know much about the patterns of behaviour in infancy which are linked to later autism diagnosis.
  • We also don’t know whether it is helpful to identify any possible problems in infants early
  • We want to ask the opinions of the autism community on whether we should be pursuing this line of research

If you think these are issues in which you have an interest, please consider clicking this link to complete our survey.  There is some more information on the first page and the survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.  You are not expected to have any specialist knowledge, we just want to know your opinion as a member of the autism community.

If you have any questions about the project please contact sue.fletcher-watson@ed.ac.uk