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The following pages contain extra information about the work of DART and links to sites and resources which might be useful to you. These are not exhaustive but simply represent a list of things we’ve come across which seem to be good quality and linked to our research areas.

  1. For autistic people – far be it for us to tell people who are actually autistic what they will find useful! However here are some links to examples of self advocacy and support which we admire.
  2. For parentsthis page has some quotes from parents who’ve taken part in DART research studies.  Again we list a few useful resources and some links to talks by Sue which might be of interest.
  3. For practitioners – this is where we’ve put the majority of our outreach materials like links to public talks and downloadable guides. Some of this might also be of interest to researchers, parents and autistic people.
  4. For presssome information about how to contact DART for press purposes and examples of how our work has been featured in the press to date
  5. For researchers – this page has links to DART journal articles, conference papers and so on.  There are also downloadable supplementary materials such as stimulus sets created by DART team members.

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