for Autistic People

cool-Patrick-Stewart-sign-rights-womenThe goal of this page is to try to gather together some potentially useful resources on autism and technology for autistic people. I may not be an old white man, but like Patrick Stewart here, my job gives me certain privileges – like being paid to write this website and to search twitter for useful information. So while I don’t claim to know what you will find useful, I will try to at least put some suggestions in one easy-to-use location. Most of this will be technological in some way, since that is one of the main focuses of my research, but that could be as simple as “it is available online”.  If you have suggestions for inclusions on here, or general comments about the site please send me an email.

DART is principally about doing good research. Most of our work lately has been with young children and their families, or in schools. But we aim to do work which makes a difference to the lives of anyone and everyone on the spectrum. We hope you might find some of the resources listed below of interest.



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