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The projects featured on this website are primarily academic research projects, though all have an applied context. The majority of journal articles, book chapters and peer-reviewed conference presentations can be found at this link where you can click through to journal websites and download open access versions. Where open access is not available, anyone wanting a copy who doesn’t have a subscription to the relevant journal should email me to request a pre-print or check on ResearchGate or my Google Scholar profile.

On this page we will post details of other research outputs from the work of DART, most of which are conference presentations and may not have been peer reviewed. In the case of slides, images will normally have been removed.  Please contact me directly if you would like to receive a complete set of slides including images.

Conference Contributions and Invited talks: powerpoints, abstracts and posters for academic events

  • KEYNOTE: Bilingualism in autism: Hindrance or help?  Utterance Interpretation and Cognitive Models V, Belgium, September 2015, pdf of slides
  • Developing an iPad app for young children with autism. Digital Bubbles seminar series, Bath, July 2015, pdf of slides
  • Using technology to support learners with autism and their teachers. National Autistic Society Professional Conference, Harrogate, March 2015, pdf of slides
  • What can technology add to autism intervention and education? Building an evidence base for innovative practice. Talk at the Centre for Research in Autism and Education, London, December 2014, pdf handout of slides
  • What does the autism community across Europe think about early autism research? An exploration of public attitudes to research ethics. COST ESSEA closing conference, Toulouse, September 2014, pdf handout of slides and abstract.   More information about the project at this page.
  • Parent Reports of Technology Use by Children with ASD. Seattle Club Conference, Cardiff, December 2013, Seattle poster ASDtech survey 
  • Systematic Review of Theory of Mind Based Interventions for Autism, Action on Autism Research seminar series, Glasgow, November 2013, pdf of_slides  and link to video of the talk
  • Early brain and cognitive development in at-risk infants: preliminary evidence from multiple methods. British Autism Study of Infant Siblings, annual scientific meeting, London, October 2013, pdf of slides
  • Eye-tracking in Infancy: Looking for early signs of autism and atypical development, BPS Neurodevelopmental Disorders Seminar, Newcastle, March 2013, pdf of_slides
  • KEYNOTE: The Contribution and Pitfalls of Technology: technology based education, intervention and support for people with autism and their families, Meeting of Minds IV, Copenhagen, January 2013, pdf of_slides
  • Ethics in Research with Children, Moray House School of Education CPD seminar, February 2013, pdf of slides
  • Click-East: teaching social attention skills to children using an iPad app. Innovative Technologies and Autism Spectrum Disorder inaugural conference, Valencia, July 2012, video of the talk

Online Reports:

Public Engagement: talks intended for a general audience, some of which are also mentioned on the pages for parents and for practitioners.

  • “Smartphones making children borderline autistic, warns expert”: What are the (real) links between technology, screentime and autism? Edinburgh Skeptics in the pub, November 2015, pdf of slides

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