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Getting published: the agony and the ecstacy

I was recently delighted to have the report of our randomised controlled trial of an iPad app published in a fantastic journal, Autism. The paper came out in October 2015 and, since the trial itself ended in June 2013, you’d be forgiven for wondering what on earth took us so long. Sorting out the data […]

about my Wheel of Autism Apps

This is a quick post in response to some comments and questions about my app wheel, which has been doing some alarmingly extensive rounds on Twitter and the like. Other groups have been putting together lists of recommended apps formatted in this way.  In particular I’m a fan of this wheel of apps for autism […]

App reviews for May

Another five app reviews for the last month: these are AutisMate, Injini, Thomas the Tank Engine Game Pack, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and all the apps in the iHelp range (there are about fourteen currently available).

Six more app reviews

Here we go with another six app reviews: I’ve tried to go beyond my usual pre-school remit but it seems that there are far fewer apps out there being targeted for older children, adolescents and adults with autism. If you want to keep updated with regular app reviews, follow me on Twitter @SueReviews  There’ll be […]

First five app reviews

A quick post to put up my first five app reviews, which I’m now posting as often as I can on Twitter, @SueReviews.  Hopefully with time this will start to be a good resource of app reviews specific to autism using a consistent template to evaluate apps.  Any comments on the format of the reviews […]