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NFC, learning, and the Magic Cloud

I’m delighted to feature a guest blog today from a colleague here at Moray House School of Education, called Andrew Manches.  Andrew is a former teacher and now researcher with an interest in how children learn through physical interaction with objects including technology. Developments in digital technology give us new ways to represent, manipulate, and […]

AWARE: developing new software for people with autism

This blog post is to announce a one-off event being held at the University of Edinburgh in September 2012. The event has secured funding from the University’s Challenge Investment Fund, and it aims to bring together people from different backgrounds who share an interest in providing technology-based solutions to the difficulties faced by people with […]

Commercial partnership

8th December 2011, 1.29pm: I had intended to make this blog about the process of getting ethical approval for a research study: hard work and poorly understood by anyone who hasn’t done it, including me until last year! But I am suddenly swamped by new items on my ‘to do’ list as wheels have suddenly […]