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Déjà-vu at IMFAR 2017

I’m back in the office after my usual annual pilgimage to the International Meeting for Autism Research (aka IMFAR) which took place this year in San Francisco. As usual, it was inspiring to be among so many researchers and, increasingly, autistic people (including autistic researchers, of course) gathered together to share their work. The quality […]

The endless quest for biomarkers: thoughts on IMFAR 2016

A week ago I returned from spending a few days in the USA attending the International Meeting for Autism Research – an annual academic conference, which took place in Baltimore this year. IMFAR, as it is known, is one the highlights of my  year.  An opportunity to get together with researchers from all disciplines who […]

Waddington’s epigenetic landscape, and being ‘optimally autistic’

In 2003, enrolled on a Masters programme in developmental psychopathology (the study of atypical development – i.e. conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and others) I was introduced to Waddington’s epigenetic landscape – shown in this image. For him, the image was about the action of genes on development, but for me and many others […]

What do I do all day?

On holiday with my parents last week and talking about my career plans, I became aware of how obscure the content of an academic researcher’s job is to anyone outside.  It has galvanized me to write a blog I’ve been meaning to do for a while about what the day to day life of an […]

Why do academics need to go to conferences?

This week I have had the very great pleasure of attending the International Meeting for Autism Research in San Sebastián / Donostia in northern Spain. Loads of things about the conference were great, not least the extraordinary venue and the beautiful city with its delicious local cuisine. But I’m also now suffering from a serious […]

Have your say on the autism research agenda

Recently I had the great pleasure of attending the Meeting of Minds IV conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. I really enjoyed the conference, which had an admirable focus on looking at autism across the whole lifespan, and some excellent speakers including Pat Howlin, Liz Pellicano and Richard Mills. There were some particularly inspiring talks by Michelle […]