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On relaxed theatre performances for autistic children

My husband, Ben Fletcher-Watson, is currently studying for a PhD in Drama, exploring the meaning, quality and accessibility of theatre for the very young.  Together we’re written a guest blog post on the NEXT USA theatre blog about one of the areas where our research interests overlap: relaxed theatre performances for children with autism and […]

AWARE: developing new software for people with autism

This blog post is to announce a one-off event being held at the University of Edinburgh in September 2012. The event has secured funding from the University’s Challenge Investment Fund, and it aims to bring together people from different backgrounds who share an interest in providing technology-based solutions to the difficulties faced by people with […]

What is participatory design?

During the Click-East project we have engaged in a lot of participatory design and other piloting processes. Participatory design means having the expected end users of a product (in this case an iPad app) contribute to the design process. Obviously, when you’re working with young children severely affected by autism, you have to find some […]