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What is research for?

Quite a big question to answer… I’m motivated to have a stab at it this week for two reasons. First, I’ve just returned to the office after ten days away during which time I volunteered on a residential summer holiday for children with a range of moderate to severe learning difficulites. I’ve been volunteering on […]

Why do academics need to go to conferences?

This week I have had the very great pleasure of attending the International Meeting for Autism Research in San Sebastián / Donostia in northern Spain. Loads of things about the conference were great, not least the extraordinary venue and the beautiful city with its delicious local cuisine. But I’m also now suffering from a serious […]

Press Release, Janaury 2012

Another new experience for me this week – composing a press release in advance of the publication of our app on the Apple Store tomorrow (11th January 2012).  It has been a real challenge to balance the requirement not to over-state claims about the app against the desire for media coverage. Why do we want […]

Getting Research Ethics Committee approval

The post you’ve all been waiting for with baited breath – the why’s and wherefore’s of the Research Ethics approval process! But seriously, this is a big issue for researchers, participants in research and the general public. If you’ve ever been involved in a research project, you will have been given an information document, and […]