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Think you’re your own harshest critic? Try peer review…

This month’s blog is written by me with Duncan Astle, a colleague whose intellectual brilliance is only exceeded by his charm. Peer review is a lynch-pin of the scientific process and bookends every scientific project. But despite the crucial importance of the peer review process in determining what research gets funded and published, in our […]

A new way to engage: the family in residence project at the Patrick Wild Centre

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am pretty passionate about engaging with representatives of the community in my research. Recently, with colleagues at the Patrick Wild Centre, we won funding to host a ‘family in residence’ at the Centre. This project aims to spend a year in close engagement with a family […]

Experiences of conducting cross-cultural research: a student reflects

This week I’m welcoming my PhD student, Joy Tsai, who is a clinical psychologist from Taiwan and just coming to the end of a PhD researching the experiences of brothers and sisters of children with autism. You can download a TUKS UK summary report here. Finally, it comes to the final stage that I can […]

Marking Time

This week I’d like to introduce a new guest blogger, Tom Pittwood from Brain in Hand. Tom is a researcher and training supporter for this company who are exploring ways to use technology, specifically mobile devices, to support independent living. Here Tom talks about his personal experiences with this technological support system. I do not […]

NFC, learning, and the Magic Cloud

I’m delighted to feature a guest blog today from a colleague here at Moray House School of Education, called Andrew Manches.  Andrew is a former teacher and now researcher with an interest in how children learn through physical interaction with objects including technology. Developments in digital technology give us new ways to represent, manipulate, and […]

Guest Blog: using technology for sons with additional support needs

I am a Mum of six children two of them having severe and complex needs. One of my sons, is sixteen and has Tuberous Sclerosis, which presents him with mild Autism and learning difficulties, as well as a whole host of other problems and disorders. I also have an eleven year old who is also […]