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First five app reviews

A quick post to put up my first five app reviews, which I’m now posting as often as I can on Twitter, @SueReviews.  Hopefully with time this will start to be a good resource of app reviews specific to autism using a consistent template to evaluate apps.  Any comments on the format of the reviews […]

Press Release, Janaury 2012

Another new experience for me this week – composing a press release in advance of the publication of our app on the Apple Store tomorrow (11th January 2012).  It has been a real challenge to balance the requirement not to over-state claims about the app against the desire for media coverage. Why do we want […]

Commercial partnership

8th December 2011, 1.29pm: I had intended to make this blog about the process of getting ethical approval for a research study: hard work and poorly understood by anyone who hasn’t done it, including me until last year! But I am suddenly swamped by new items on my ‘to do’ list as wheels have suddenly […]