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Women on the spectrum, the question of aging, and the problem of the PhD

This guest blog comes from the keyboard of Felicity Sedgewick, a PhD student at UCL Institute of Education, based at CRAE (Centre for Research in Autism and Education). I invited Felicity to write the post after supporting her recruitment of participants by sharing her study website on twitter.  This sparked a debate which extends beyond […]

Emotion Development study, now recruiting!

This is just a note to introduce a guest post from a colleague looking for participants for her research.  Please read and share with your networks. Thanks! During our childhood we learn to recognise the emotions we feel. As babies, we begin to learn basic emotions such as happiness through our carer’s facial and vocal […]

You’re the expert, not me

Parents of children with autism, and autistic people, often share their frustration with the claims of so-called ‘experts’. I suppose I am one of these people – an ‘autism professional’ – who purports to have some kind of insight into autism.  But of course, I don’t have anything of the sort. I am not autistic, […]

As one door closes….

Regular readers will have seen that we have recently closed recruitment for the Click-East project, which is the study for which this website was set up.  However since starting that study I have become involved with a wider variety of research projects, as is the way for someone just beginning their first permanent University job […]